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Serving Greater New Orleans, the North Shore and the River Parishes
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Special Offers on High Efficiency R410A Refrigerant A/C Units

Save $400 on Installations up to 19 SEER

High Efficiency R410A Refrigerant A/C System with Observer™ Technology

$3700 Basic 13 SEER A/C System

3-Ton Electric Closet R410A Refrigerant A/C Unit
Additional charges apply for ductwork, gas furnace, and/or attic installation


We Guide You Through The Installation Process.

When you are ready to look into purchasing a new air conditioner or furnace we can help make the decision an easy one. Whether you are building a new house, want to reduce energy usage, or repairs are costing more than they should, we want you to be fully informed on every option available.

Since every family and home is different, it takes a custom inspection to determine which systems are right for your home’s size and floor plan. When considering the new system, think about what air quality and moisture control components to include. Think about anyone in your home that has any allergies, respiratory, or health issues. Make sure to let your technician aware of any of these issues.

Who you choose to install the new system has a major impact on your comfort. Installation quality may have a greater impact than the unit itself. We will properly install each unit so that it will function at optimal efficiency. We are careful and committed to not disturb your living area. A drop cloth will be placed to cover affected areas. After installation is complete, we will leave the area cleaner than when we arrived. Respecting you and your home is the standard of customer service we take very seriously.

Learn how to save energy with a Zone Control System?

Residential & Commercial A/C & Heating Services

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