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Commercial Ice Machine Sales

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A commercial ice machine is one of the most important equipment purchases of nearly every food service industry business. Since there are several styles and different configurations, Authentic Air LLC will help you to choose the type of commercial ice machine that will work best for your business. As an authorized reseller of the Scotsman Ice Systems, a trusted brand since 1950, our sales team can offer businesses in the Greater New Orleans Metro area with the broadest range of energy efficient commercial ice machines. Whether you operate a commercial kitchen, restaurant, bar, hotel, medical clinic, or hospital, there is an ice machine suitable for any of these establishments and each environment has its own unique requirements.

Authentic Air LLC will help you to decide, not only the best type of ice machine, also, the type of ice that will work best to meet your needs. The three major types are Cube Ice, generally used for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages; Flake Ice, generally used for food display such as salad bars; and Nugget Ice, a chewable pellet style ice, generally used in fountain drinks, sodas, frozen cocktails, and smoothies.

When food service businesses choose an ice machine, they often overlook the ice production capacity. Authentic Air LLC will help you to select an ice machine that has the production capacity to keep up with demand. We consider several factors when estimating ice consumption so you don't exceed the ice production capacity of your machine. Will you have enough ice during peak hours of operation? Will you have a large enough ice machine if your business experiences rapid growth or increased demand? Will environmental conditions effect the ice machine's ability to produce its maximum output capacity, such as temperature and ventilation in the establishment? Will you need a few smaller ice machines instead of one large centralized unit?

Our experienced, hands-on, sales team will guide you through the sales process by evaluating your business environment to ensure that you make a sound purchasing decision. Call Authentic Air LLC at 504.421.2647 when you are ready to make an investment in a commercial ice machine.

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